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Nighttime Smoothie For Weight Loss: Night Smoothie Recipes

by Steve Theunissen
nighttime smoothie for weight loss

Night smoothie recipes are great for those of us who struggle to get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep gives us the energy to face the day, but it also can hinder our health and performance because we are so tired. That is why we should make sure that we have the ingredients to make us feel refreshed and energized upon rising from bed. And with the right ingredients, it can be very easy to create a healthy, delicious, and effective smoothie that can give us what we need to feel relaxed and ready to take on our day.

The secret to a great night of sleep starts with a smoothie that has all the ingredients you need in order to get the best results. One of the easiest ways to do this is by blending your favorite ingredients together. When we use fruit in smoothies, we can get the benefit of using natural sugar and vitamins from the fruits. However, when the ingredients are blended together, it is easier to control the concentration of these nutrients so that the amount that ends up in our body is a small amount that is easily digested. [1]

Fruit Smoothies For Weight Loss

A good example of blending ingredients is the use of chia seeds and lemon for a night smoothie. Chia seeds are considered to be healthy for the digestive system and for helping the body produce healthy hormones. If you have been lacking essential vitamins and minerals, adding chia seeds to your diet can help you restore the lost nutrients back into your body. By making a delicious, nutritious smoothie out of them, you will be able to feel fuller longer and have more energy for the entire day. [2]

Blueberries are another great combination to include in a night smoothie recipe. They are packed with antioxidants and have a pleasant flavor. This is one of the reasons that blueberries have been widely used as ingredients in many fruit smoothie blends. A few extra berries in a recipe can boost the nutritional value of any dish, whether it is a light snack or a power-packed meal that you can take on any day of the week. [3]

Lattes are a great ingredient that you might not expect to find when making a recipe for night smoothies. These little beans come from Central and South America and were first used by the Incas to make hot beverage mixes. The Aztecs also made lattes which they consumed and enjoyed all night long. Brazilians finally brought the popularity of this drink mix to America when they started using the small red beans to make hot beverages. Americans lathered on the laser bean taste and enjoyed them all through the late 1800s. Lattes are one of the few ingredients that can truly offer a new way to cool down.

Top 5 Ingredients for Night Smoothies

  • Coconut Milk – Fat-free, thick, and delicious, Coconut milk is also great for cooking, as well as for making super healthy smoothies. Since Coconut milk is so versatile, you can add almost any flavor to it to give it variety. To add some extra health benefits, try using the pasteurized coconut milk for adding vitamins A, D, and E. You can also use it to cook with, such as adding chickpeas to a Thai vegetable dish or using it in a delicious smoothie. It’s also good to know that coconut milk is one of the few ingredients that completely eliminate fat from your diet. If you are trying to find a delicious healthy smoothie that you can make all on your own, then this one is for you. It has all of the benefits of milk, without having to buy it and without spending a bunch of money. Coconut milk can be found in most supermarkets, and it tastes delicious. Plus, its fat content is very low, so you can use coconut milk to help you drop pounds even if you don’t eat very much junk food. [4]
  • Vanilla Extract – This healthy extract is loaded with essential amino acids and other nutrients. It’s also naturally low in calories. If you’re trying to burn fat, vanilla extract is definitely a must. One of the great things about using vanilla extract in a nighttime smoothie is that it has a very cool, milky taste that makes it inviting to drink. If you add in a handful of frozen berries (such as raspberries or strawberries), you’ll be getting a very refreshing treat.
  • Green Tea & Almond Oil – Both these superfoods are full of antioxidants and have very low calories. They are the best ingredients for a healthy night-time smoothie. As you might expect, green tea can help you sleep better at night, while almonds provide you with lasting energy throughout the day. They are both best for an effective weight loss supplement. Of course, there are many other superfoods and organic ingredients that can help you lose weight.
  • Spinach & Aloe Vera – This is another superfood that is loaded with health benefits. One of the best night-time smoothies is one that contains spinach and aloe vera because this combination is full of antioxidants, which will help to boost your metabolism. Spinach and aloe vera also have natural anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the pain you feel when you exercise. [5]
  • Tomatoes & Green Tea – The vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients found in tomatoes can help your body to lose weight. In particular, they play an important role in making sure your body stays healthy and has enough energy to burn off fat. Since the main problem that causes fat to pile up is excessive calories, the antioxidant-rich tomato actually plays an important role in keeping your metabolism high. You can often find this kind of tomato at farmer’s markets or organic food stores. As an added bonus, when you make your own tomato-based nighttime smoothie, you will also be adding in green tea. Green tea has been shown to have a few benefits for weight loss, so it’s really worth incorporating into your diet.

How To Lose Weight While Sleeping Using Smoothies?

Okay, so now that you have those ingredients right there, what if I tell you that you can combine them in a way that will help you cool down? A good night’s sleep is vital for everyone, but especially for those who must stay up late studying or working. If you’re drinking a big mug of cocoa, and you add some frozen bananas and a bunch of fresh berries to it, you have a powerful combination that will offer you a good amount of energy throughout the entire night. When you take a look at these ingredients, you’ll realize that it isn’t very difficult to come up with a good healthy meal. With the exception of possibly the last sentence in this article, everything that I mentioned here can be found in most any store where ice cream and other high-calorie foods are sold.

The secret to a good night of rest is to make sure that you incorporate several good foods into your daily routine. For starters, as mentioned earlier, add some berries to your coffee before you even drink it. You may also want to throw in some fresh fruits every night in the form of fresh strawberries or bananas. A nice mixture of the different natural ingredients that are used in this delicious smoothie can give you a nice boost of energy throughout the evening, which is exactly what your body needs if you want to feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a long, hard day at work.

One more ingredient you should look for in a good night smoothie is probiotic psyllium husk. Probiotics are known to reduce stress levels, and they are one of the main reasons that melatonin is produced in the body. A good combination of both probiotics and melatonin will help you sleep better at night.

Final Thoughts

There are only a few quick foods that you can incorporate into your weight loss journey. If you are tired of being tired, then you need to start making some changes. When you stick to just eating fruits and vegetables, then you are giving your body what it needs in order to get back on track. When you drink fruit juice, you will also be giving your body what it needs in order to lose weight.


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